Almost every day I get a call from someone who thinks that property managers have more power than we do...either referee or police power or able to give parenting lessons!

....the neighbors cat sits outside and stares at her cats in her windows making them agitated.

....they are having company Tuesday and they need weekly lawn mowing to be done early.

....kids are playing with a frisbee in the backyard and its going everywhere.

....neighbors TV is against the common wall (where cable hookup is) and she can here it.

....neighbor goes to work early and runs their shower, and maybe they can change their work hours to a later time?

Unfortunately I have no power in most of theses areas, which annoys them, but we attempt to negotiate a positive settlement.

Property management is more than just collecting the rent, sometimes you need to be a counselor, referee, bill collector, cop, educator, parent, etc. And it costs just a litle portion of the rent, normally 8-10% of the monthly rent collected, and is well worth it. Plus they take care of the calls, the maintenance, reporting, re-renting, etc.

So if you are tired of refereeing your tenants, turn your property over to us! We have a whistle ready to blow!


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