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Dear Tenant, Would You Like To Be Approved?

 So you want to rent from us? Well let me explain what we are looking for and maybe you can be approved.

INCOME: Can you afford rent and expenses? We need income at least 3 times the rent per month, and it needs to be verified. So before we meet, get your info together. Pay stubs, award letters, child support proof of payments, retirement checks, SSI awards, latest tax returns, what have you. I need to make copies of it, and it needs to be current. 


CREDIT: I already suspect and expect your credit is not perfect, because otherwise you would most likely buy. What I am hoping is it's not terrible, with collections pending from 3 cell phone companies, your utility company, even the local library (still not sure how that happens). Listen-people get into jams and lose a house or fall behind on a car loan, but if you can't pay the gas company for heat that's a problem for me as it shows you are irresponsible.


RENTAL HISTORY: First off, my thought is how you treated the last person is how you will treat me. If I drive by where you live now, and I will, and the yard is a mess, I expect you will do that to my yard as well. And I will check who owns your house now so if you give me your friend to lie and say he's the landlord, I will catch that. And if you don't have a rental reference cause you stay with your sister, thats a big issue that will cost you extra deposit or a co-signer as well.


SOCIAL: If you have a criminal record, sex offender, domestic abuse convictions, don't need that. If you are all over facebook as a party animal, or cat lady with 50 cats, or have an email address that is, that is also an issue for me. If you need to move in by tomorrow, that's a bad sign for me.


So hopefully this helps you get a place and good luck!